Tired legs? Try these 5 dietary tweaks to help your tired legs

Legs could be windows into health - if they're tired, you need a recharge

Legs could be windows into health – if they’re tired, you need a recharge

Dear Dr. Mo: My legs feel tired relatively often and I’d like to know if there is something I can do about it? Should I be worried?

Dear reader: The feeling of tiredness in legs is a relatively common complaint and the reasons for this feeling could be different. If the feeling is more than just tiredness and it extends into pain and cramps, swelling, numbness and other more severe symptoms, you should see your doctor immediately as these could signal a more serious underlying condition.

That said, check out my earlier post on the Tired legs in the morning and the possible causes as well as several things you can do about it.

Use a healthy diet in your favour to get rid of tiredness in your legs and in some instances even pain (but like I said, for pain, always see your doctor first and discuss your options, including your diet).

Include foods that are rich in calcium, fiber, proteins and vitamin E in your diet as well as foods that will clean up your blood vessels  and regulate your blood pressure. These ingredients will maintain your health and specifically improve the strength and fitness of your legs.

What exactly do I mean? Here are 5 important points that you can use in your diet to improve the health of your legs and reduce the feeling of tiredness:

1. Try these 4 foods to keep you blood vessels clean from cholesterol plaques – healthy blood vessels also mean good blood supply to your legs, and well fed legs are fit and recover quickly from walking, running, jumping or just simply standing.

2. For blood pressure regulation try Beets, which can help to regulate mild hypertension (high normal and even stage 1)

3. Eat weekly some Butternut Squash and spinach for a healthy dose of fiber, vitamins A, E, C and B

And fiber is a necessity in any healthy diet, for good digestion and a healthy weight.  Continue reading

Endurance exercise and healthy aging

Endurance training  may be the way to go

Endurance training may be the way to go

Dear Dr. Mo: Is exercise a way to ensure healthy aging?

Dear reader: Current data shows positive associations between aerobic fitness/physical exercise and healthier aging. In fact long-term exercise proves to be one of the keys for long-term health.

In a recent interesting pilot study, it was shown that there was a positive association between telomere length in skeletal muscle cells and long-term endurance-training exercise in older people.

Telomeres are like caps on ends of our chromosomes (Chromosomes are genetic material carriers) in cells; when these caps shorten enough, the cell stops dividing further and dies – telomeres’ length is decreasing with age and they are thought to be potential markers of cellular age, associated with physical aging process.

What the study shows is that older endurance trained athletes had longer telomere length compared with older people with medium activity levels. The study also found a positive association between aerobic fitness and muscle telomere length in endurance exercise trained participants. Continue reading