Ear infections (Acute Ottitis Media) in babies – what is it and what to do?

Dear Dr. Mo: Following up on your post on parenting, I would like you to tell me more on ear infections in babies – how to recognize them and what could be

Ear infection = nightmare

Ear infection = nightmare

done to mitigate such a difficult state for both a baby and her parents? 

Dear reader: Ear infections are relatively common in babies and small children, especially in those who start their daycare early on (before the age of 3); these are a must-have experience of any parenting adventure.

They can have it several times a year, even up to 6, 7 and 8 etc. Although, if it’s that often, then we say these infections are recurring and a closer medical inspection and surveillance is needed with more aggressive therapy – sometimes even a small surgical intervention but more on this nuisance later. Continue reading