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Tired legs? Try these 5 dietary tweaks to help your tired legs

Dear Dr. Mo: My legs feel tired relatively often and I’d like to know if there is something I can do about it? Should I be worried? Dear reader: The feeling of tiredness in legs is a relatively common complaint and the reasons for this feeling could be different. If… Read more »

Breakfast for champions

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Dear readers: I’ve written about the importance of our first meal in the morning – whether you are on a special diet or just want to eat healthy, never skip this morning meal! In my recent posts on Avocados and Eggs, I’ve discussed their powerful health benefits. In combination, they… Read more »

The Egg myth debunked – eggs won’t kill you after all

Dear Dr. Mo: Should I or shouldn’t I eat eggs and are they healthy in any way? People keep saying eggs are full of cholesterol and should be avoided but, is this true? Dear reader: Contrary to a wide-spread belief (or myth), eggs are very healthy food and a healthy… Read more »