Beer tan – why does booze make us blush?

Dear Dr. Mo: Why do people get beer tan?

Beer makes you blush

Beer makes you blush

Dear reader: We see these people every day – at times, we are those people; also called drunkard or boozed out or, more telling – a red face.

It’s one of those properties of alcohol for which, taken only in moderation, it is known to have actual health benefits. Well, in case of beer tans, we are no longer talking about moderation and any potential benefits are long gone. Continue reading

Blood in urine

Dear Dr. Mo: What is Heamturia and if I would have it, what could be causing it?

Dear reader: Hematuria is a medical term, which we use to describe presence of blood (or red blood cells) in urine and it always warrants further medical

Any blood in urine is a serious symptom

Any blood in urine is a serious symptom

investigation and evaluation.

Blood should not be found in urine in any amount under normal circumstances.

If it is there it may be visually undetectable – this condition is called micro-hematuria – and only urine lab tests can establish blood’s presence.
If you can visually notice blood in urine this condition is referred to as gross (macro) hematuria. Continue reading