Seasonal (spring) allergy – why does it happen and what can we do about it?

Dear readers: The beginning of spring marks the onset of a lot of misery for millions of people all over the world who suffer from seasonal (spring) allergies mostly manifested as something medically called ‘seasonal allergic rhinitis’ or more commonly, hay fever – the daily (and sometimes nightly too) rituals of sniffling, hacking, sneezing and swearing may begin. Continue reading

Milk – what’s good about it, what’s not and the alternatives

Dear Dr. Mo: Is it true that most people are to extent lactose intolerant? Does dairy long term slows ones’ metabolism or truly have a power to boost it? Would you recommend substitutes for dairy for those people with lactose intolerance?

Milk's OK

Milk’s OK

Dear reader: I’ve been drinking milk my whole life – I grew up on it, as was the case with many other kids and as it is the case today. Kids need milk to grow, that’s for sure.

Adults? As with most things, there are benefits and there are risks.

So what’s good in milk and other dairy?

It’s a good and relatively inexpensive source of protein, calcium and vitamin D. Vitamin D does not really naturally occur in milk but in most countries, milk is fortified with it so you find it there. Continue reading

Are you peanuts?

Dear Dr. Mo: Why are some people allergic to peanuts? What is it about that allergy that makes it so dangerous?

Peanuts are healthy but could cause dangerous allergic reactions

Peanuts are healthy but could cause dangerous allergic reactions

Dear reader: Allergy to peanuts is a fairly common one among us humans.

In fact, when it comes to severe allergy attacks, this one is among the most common causes. There are even some anecdotal stories about strange ways people have come into contact with traces of peanuts and died almost instantly – these in fact may have been based on real life events. Continue reading