Breakfast for champions

How you start your day matters most

How you start your day matters most

Dear readers: I’ve written about the importance of our first meal in the morning – whether you are on a special diet or just want to eat healthy, never skip this morning meal!

In my recent posts on Avocados and Eggs, I’ve discussed their powerful health benefits. In combination, they can truly constitute a breakfast to power you up for the day.
This is exactly what I’ve had this morning as you can see in the photo.

The bread in the picture is 12 grain and getting your morning dose of fiber is one of the things that will set the tone in your digestive system for a smooth and efficient function, a foundation of a healthy day.

There’s some butter on the bread, but in moderation it can provide the right amount of saturated fat for the energy you require to be effective and filled up for longer.

Make sure your breakfasts are healthy, nutritious and colourful – how you start your day matters most.

Yours in health,

Dr. Mo


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